APC revisited

While in Rio for the Internet Governance Forum I had the opportunity to attend a couple of pre-conference events of the Association for Progressive Communications (www.apc.org)

 I’d had very little to do with APC for a long time – but back in 1989 I attended a preliminary meeting in Epe Holland to establish the organisation, and in 1992 (I think from memory) in San Francisco I was one of the seven signatories of founding directors to establish the organisation. By INET in 1993, APC had spread the Internet to many countries – even having more spread than the academic networks in those days. The role of APC in early Internet establishment is one of the interesting untold stories.

 It was great to catch up with a few old friends from those days – Mark Graham, Andrew Garton, Mike Jensen, – but equally great to meet some astonishing people and learn something of the great variety of worthwhile projects being undertaken by APC members across the world.

 What was equally impressive was the great work APC did during the Internet Governance Forum as an organized body working on social change issues. APC  was everywhere, organized, coherent, and a real player in the evolution of internet governance. All credit to all the APC staff, but particularly Anriette Esterhuysen and Karen Banks, both of whom were also around in the early days of APC and have played major roles in building the organisation it is today. With Willie Currie and others – and so many really active members in all regions – APC is continuing to do really great work.


2 Responses to “APC revisited”

  1. Historia de Internet en América Latina y el Caribe Says:

    […] APC revisited […]

  2. Anriette Esterhuysen Says:

    Thank you for your words, Ian, and for taking the time to attend some of the APC events in Rio. Having you there, as a link to APC’s past was every bit as valuable to us, as it was to you. APC would not be what it is and where it is if not for people like you.


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