Internet Governance Forum – we won’t be there

On October 30 or thereabouts only the most devoted of Internet followers will take the pilgrimage to Athens for the inaugural Internet Governance Forum.

You can check the agenda here, or maybe here, and expect that both sites are a little out of date. Where they conflict, it’s hard to know which to believe.

One site mentions a big Plaza – the other doesn’t. I think it’s off, but according to the UN site it is still on.

The theme appears to be Internet Governance for Development.

Last year we wrote here about what we thought should be covered, and the issues associated with the Internet where we thought a new forum with all stakeholders present might make a difference.

Well, it still might. Maybe next year. We will monitor events without great expectations. Heavan knows something needs to evolve in this space to reflect the current Internet rather than that of the 1980s. Will this forum evolve to something useful?


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