Bulletin Board Systems, anyone?

I had an interesting email exchange with Craig Hollenbeck, who correctly points out the history of bulletin boards and their importance as predecessors to the Internet. Although I write about the subject briefly here , Craig rightly points out a richer history.

Here’s his input and a few relevant links if you want to explore this further. I don’t see BBS as the one important origin – there were many – but this points again to the diversity of sources which combined to form the Internet.

> —–Original Message—–
> From: Craig Hollenbeck [mailto:Kaboom@BBSing.com]
> Sent: 10 September 2006 14:32
> To: ian.peter@ianpeter.com
> Subject: hist
> feedback:
> I think one of the few aspects that your are forgetting although you
> topics cover the internet as a whole, many of the ideas and concepts
> used to form the basis where brought about from bulletin board systems
> / bbsing that is the precurser to the modern internet. For a major
> instance AOL was a BBS system, you can even find more information about this at…
> http://www.bbsdocumentary.com/
> A friend of mine was doing a college class and was using your site but
> it didn’t mention much about bulletin board systems and how they had a
> major impact in what really made the internet evolve into what it is
> today. I just figured I would mention it for what it was worth. A lot
> of people through out the years have ignored the impact the bulletin
> board systems really had to bringing the internet online, the first
> public networks where bulletin board systems, that is a major point in
> itself. Without the public networks of bulletin board systems and the
> wide spread use of them, there would not be a internet today. Vincent
> Cerf has made many comments about this in the documentary that was
> done by Jason Scott. So don’t forget the hobby of BBSing, without it this was all a government deal and not on a public basis.
> Nice site though,
> Craig
And in reply to my request for more information:
Jason Scott is the owner and creator of BBS The documentary, I am sure he wouldn’t mind you linking to any material on his site you can contact him at jason@textfiles.com that is actually his large site but then I don’t think bbsdocumentary.com is actually a small site by itself. Jason has spent many years gathering a wealth of information and is basically one of the best historians in my opinion on bulletin board systems and the history of almost all aspects of them.

I own BBSing.com, there is a wealth of information about bulletin board systems on my site as well, feel free to browse through anything you want and gather up anything you like from my site as well.
There is also a lot of links to many of the very large bbs related sites on the internet or software related sites also. My site is more of a stopping ground to find other sites since they are so wide spread and it’s the name of the hobby itself.

Wikipedia’s reference to bulletin board systems is here also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bulletin_board_system
This also contains many links to various sites through out the internet.

The BBS Corner has been on line since 1995 also, this is also a wealth of information about bulletin board systems http://www.dmine.com/bbscorner/  bbscorner1@dmine.com This site actually maintains the most accurate listing of all bulletin board systems still in existence online today.

Although bbsmates.com is not a listing of every bbs system that ever existed it also has the majority of all known bbs lists of the various bbs systems through out the world that existed during the era.
His username is Nullvalue@BBSmates.com

BBfiles.com is the largest collection of some of the first online games that where used or played online during the era of bulletin board systems. Doug Rhey is the owner of BBSfiles.com Support@BBSfiles.com

I have spoke/emailed with to all these people at one time or another although I have never met any of these people in person, the basic idea of all of them is the same basically just keep the hobby remembered because in all reality it is a foundation that the internet was built upon and many of the ideas and things that came about on the internet/world wide web actually came about or where a direct result or a modified form of things that took place with bulletin board systems.

Basically the bulletin board systems where the first public usage of what now is the internet in my opinion anyways.

Hope this helps,


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